Location: Mad River Glen in Fayston, Vermont.

Location: MOCA Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, California


Born on an island, raised on a mountain. Currently exploring concrete jungles. Rhymes with “how to”.

Aotu means rugged or rough in Mandarin Chinese—a word well-suited to describe the winding alpine trails of rural Vermont where this journey began. His style twists inspirations from both the cruel, raw, wondrous organic order of the natural world that surrounded him during his upbringing, and the stark, austere forms of the inner city. His sounds are cinematic and precise, playful yet painstaking.

Aotu handles every aspect of his creative direction. His unique textural photography is showcased on both his Instagram and in his original cover art. Although music is Aotu’s main focus, he takes pride in being an eclectic multidisciplinary artist, fusing influences from a vast range of mediums, notably fine art and fashion.

Beyond music creation, Aotu’s recording engineering services are also in high demand. He is regularly flown in to work directly, on-site, for top executives at mid- and large-cap companies nationwide.

Aotu is an outspoken advocate for environmental protection and combating the climate crisis. His studio, business, and personal operations are are carbon negative in partnership with Native Energy, and powered by 100% renewable energy via Arcadia Power.

In recent years, Aotu has lived in Beijing, New York City, rural Vermont, and now Los Angeles. Since trekking west in late 2016, he has self-released an undeniably diverse array of original music, garnering viral attention on Spotify and SoundCloud, and earning well over a million total streams in his first year!

His music has been featured in Spotify's Trap Mojito, Trance Mission, and Fresh Finds: Hiptronix, theartistunion, Ultra Music's Seriously Chill, as well as many additional independent playlists. He has worked with and been remixed by EGZOD, Francesca Blanchard, Foamek, Will Woodland, Steezy Jaxxx, Christian Reindl, and Ruuth. Numerous blogs and digital music outlets have supported Aotu’s work over the years, including Dancing Astronaut, The Music Ninja, Tune Collective, Dancefloor Mayhem, Gems & Secrets, RaverRafting, Future Dance Music, Trapdoor Records, Team Supreme, and Tuneful, among others.

The napkin where Aotu originally wrote his new moniker in character—later becoming his first logo

The napkin where Aotu originally wrote his new moniker in character—later becoming his first logo

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